When a customer wants something different for their website, there are so many options available. Websites are moving away from static scrolling images with a text strap line and moving back to interactive animated graphics, like the good old days when Adobe Flash ruled.

Sadly Flash was phased out but the rise of modern coding standards, a bit of Javascript, jQuery and CSS, you can now create nice eye catching animations.

We created this multi-layered custom animated banner for our customer at Yellow Jersey Design. Their client wanted a unique looking header that was more than just a static scroll of images.

Here’s what we created…

We created this banner in WordPress using Slider Revolution. This plugin allows you make layered animation effects, there are premium add-ons you can buy that create even more attention grabbing sliders and content blocks for any kind of website.

Top Animated Layers

Middle Static Layer

Bottom Background Layer

To the right are the individual layers used to create this slider. To create the effect we needed each moving part to be on a transparent layer over a fixed background. We then animated the transparent layers to create the dynamic effect.


Are you looking for a dynamic animated banner for your website?

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