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Your website is the window to your business and it’s open 24/7.

It needs to attract visually and technically so search engines can find you.

To look attractive you’ll need quality photos to represent what your business does. We completed this website and it was easy to make it look good and stand out because of the quality images provided by the client. When selling a product such as flooring, being visual is key, by showing off high quality installations and taking the time to take good photos of your work will pay dividends.

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The perfect holding page
Over the last couple of weeks we’ve designed and launched six website holding pages. Having a holding page is a great way to let Google know your domain exists and a perfect opportunity to share what you do with potential customers.
A holding page can be as simple as a logo and contact information. Some of the pages we created this week have contact forms linked to mailchimp and links to video content and other sites in the corporate group.
Get the perfect holding page, prices start from £99.
New Year, New Vibes by over 9000%

Monday rolls around again and we’re now into our second full week back this year, Happy New Year.

We had a good end to 2019, we picked up a new client in December and with a little creativity and knowledge the results are already coming in for them.

Our client is a small online brand looking to make a big impact in the activewear ecommerce arena. They are up against some of the biggest brands on the planet.

When we picked up the brand they literally had zero traffic and very poor sales. Our thought process was to put ourselves in the buyers shoes, what would attract me and what would put me off. With eCommerce the main factors are; does the site look trustworthy, do they sell the product I need, is the product at the right price, how long will it take to receive the item and if it isn’t what I needed, can I send it back without hassle. We re-skinned their WordPress website with a new eCommerce theme and tidied up their logo to start with. Our next goal was to introduce some organic keywords and search optimisation.


From our experience we knew that to get out in front of the right people we would need a social campaign. We planned some advertising on Facebook and took over their Instagram posting.

The results from this speak for themselves.

Sessions up by 5558%

Pageviews up by 9297%

Bounce Rate 47.85% down 26%

And importantly sales are up by a massive 1707%

ecommerce stats

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New branding for Tangreen

Making an impact is vital to the survival of your business. You need to stand out!

The brief from our client on this project was simple:

“I want something different, I don’t want to show shipping or oils, I want my logo to mean more, I’ll leave it to you guys to come up with something genius”.

We took this brief and started sketching our ideas. The first mockups were then produced from a shortlist of our favourites and presented to the client.

The next stage was to develop the chosen style into the final logo.

We were careful to select a colour palette that shows strength, a prominent font that is distinguished and a logo icon that represents the company moving forward.

For this project we created the logo, double sided business cards, headed paper, responsive website and a company information spec sheet that they send to their potential clients.

The client was very happy with the results, the process was slick, from start to finish it took 3-weeks.

Sample of headed paper brand design.

The runner up, this design was a close second to the final design.

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Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning

One of the fundamental skills of any marketing manager is to plan. It is without a doubt one of the single most important jobs a marketing manager can do. In every large marketing department you’ll find a giant whiteboard with the marketing plan scrawled all over it.

Here’s a pro tip for anyone that doesn’t have a marketing department, use a desktop planner, like the example featured in the main photo. These are available at Flying Tiger a small Scandinavian shop on most major high streets, tucked away with the diaries and cost just £4.

The pages are perforated so you can tear them out for that week and have it on top of your desk, always there to make notes on.


What is the best way to use a desktop planner?

First things first, write all of your important marketing dates throughout the year. The way we use these books is we fill out the main strategy items (like blog posts, eshots or marketing campaigns) into the day slots for the month, then we pad out the space with social interactions to-do items and other news ideas. This is a quick and simple marketing calendar, it’s also a visual reminder, if the page looks blank then you’re not interacting with your customers and they are buying from someone else!!


Is this really the best solution?

Yes we believe so. There are many digital version of this planner available that send you auto reminders etc etc, but sometimes, going analogue works best.


Have a question about marketing planning? Why not chat with us on 07534 214084 or email hello@claritydesign.co.uk

Best Ever Christmas Show 2019

Pantomime Marketing

Back by popular demand, this family Christmas Show is organised and run by Ron Martin Management. It’s a modern day panto and is showing at the Minster Theatre inside the Allendale Centre in Wimborne.

This year we created some new banners for three locations around the Allendale Centre. Two banners on the roadside (as featured in the main image), two banners on the roof the and one on the front of the building.

We created the logo and designs for the show last year where we produced outdoor banners, flyers, banner stands and the show souvenir programme.

You can find out what fun they’re up too this Christmas on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WimbornePanto/

This year the show is running from 14th December to the 24th.

Book your tickets online: https://www.theallendale.org

This picture was sent to us by the client accompanied by one word, “WOW!”