Marketing using email is simple, with free tools available online, it’s never been easier to send emails to your customers.

In this article we’re using Mailchimp. Mailchimp is great solution for small subscriber lists. If you have under 2,000 subscribers Mailchimp offer a forever free solution (

If you go over 2,000 the list fees increase incrementally per 100 subscribers. For example, a list of 5,000 subscribers would cost $50 per month (at the time of publishing this article).

Email marketing strategy is important, especially if you’re using a paid-for service. Correct planning will ensure all costs are factored in on the ROI. The end result should be that email marketing should at least pay for itself.

Enjoy this shirt video, the design was provided as a jpg, sliced in Adobe Photoshop and had coded using Adobe Brackets wysiwyg editor. Code is then pasted into a custom template in Mailchimp.



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