Monday rolls around again and we’re now into our second full week back this year, Happy New Year.

We had a good end to 2019, we picked up a new client in December and with a little creativity and knowledge the results are already coming in for them.

Our client is a small online brand looking to make a big impact in the activewear ecommerce arena. They are up against some of the biggest brands on the planet.

When we picked up the brand they literally had zero traffic and very poor sales. Our thought process was to put ourselves in the buyers shoes, what would attract me and what would put me off. With eCommerce the main factors are; does the site look trustworthy, do they sell the product I need, is the product at the right price, how long will it take to receive the item and if it isn’t what I needed, can I send it back without hassle. We re-skinned their WordPress website with a new eCommerce theme and tidied up their logo to start with. Our next goal was to introduce some organic keywords and search optimisation.


From our experience we knew that to get out in front of the right people we would need a social campaign. We planned some advertising on Facebook and took over their Instagram posting.

The results from this speak for themselves.

Sessions up by 5558%

Pageviews up by 9297%

Bounce Rate 47.85% down 26%

And importantly sales are up by a massive 1707%

ecommerce stats

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