Your website says everything about your brand and business whilst building customer loyalty.

It should be user focused.

Products and services need to be easily found through search engines and on the website itself.

If a user accesses your website looking for a particular product or service and cannot find it within a few seconds then it’s failing. It’s not providing a good UX (user experience) so your customers will leave and find an alternative instead.

Creating Websites with Better User Experience

Google places greater emphasis on UE (user experience), websites that provide a good user experience will be ranked higher in search results than those that don’t.

There are a number of elements that can affect user experience: poor (UI) User Interface design, poor (UX) User Experience design, slow page speeds, badly written or lack of content; and importantly, whether the website is designed to work on devices such as hd displays, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

This is called responsive website design and it is critical in achieving a successful website.

How Clarity Approach Web Design
  1. In-depth website audit
  2. Content and sitemap consultation
  3. Design and technology consultation
  4. Research and planning
  5. Complete Project Management
  6. UX concept design
  7. UI concept design
  8. Page design development
  9. Front-end development and optimisation
  10. Back-end programming and interfacing
  11. Browser and device testing
  12. Site Launch
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