If there is one document your business should treat like a bible, it’s your brand guidelines. Brand guidelines tell any designer or marketer working for your business how to work with your brand.

Brand guidelines can vary in depth, some cover just a few pages we’ve worked with some that have over 120 pages. Small to medium companies tend not to have such restricting guidelines.

A good brand guideline document should include logo, colours, logo icon, typefaces, what style of photography should be used, some samples of marketing & promotional materials so you can visualise how your brand works across media, competitor analysis and a rough marketing plan.

Why should I use Brand Guidelines?

The main reason for using brand guidelines is to present a consistent image to your audience, communicating a unified message of what your business brand values are, whilst building confidence and loyalty.

Atomic Agency charge a fixed price for creating brand guideline documents. 

  • Logo Colour Palette
  • Type Faces
  • Logo Icon
  • Logo Design
  • Strap Lines
  • Photography Guide
  • Sample Promotional Materials
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Plan (rough)

View a sample of a brand guidelines document,created by Atomic Agency to give you an idea of what you can expect.

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